Here are some of our favourite commercials and comedy sketches featuring tea.

A Cup of Brown Joy

Professor Elemental’s classic chap-hop song definitely reflects our opinion of herbal “teas”.

Man vs Nature

Or in this case, caterpillar. Note that the advertisement is correct. The best tea leaves do come from the top of the plant.

Tea for Blood Pressure

Tea is supposed to be good for health. But this Suntory advertisement for Gomi-Muga Cha is more than a little worrying.

PG Tips Commercial (c. 1971)

In the 1970s, PG Tips had a highly successful television advertising campaign which used chimpanzee actors to promote their tea.

PG Tips Commercial (c. 2010)

By 2010 using live animals in commercials was problematic, and a puppet monkey was used instead. Unfortunately the method shown here of making tea (without a teapot) won’t give the best results.


The 2010 PG Tips Commercial was clearly inspired by this classic sketch from the comedy duo, Morecambe and Wise. Note that they clearly know how to make tea: they use a teapot!